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We invite you to experience true European craftsmanship.

Savour a range of authentic meat products, overseen by a European master butchers. At Grobnik European Delicatessen, we’re proud of our high-quality retail and wholesale meats. Our family tradition of artisan butcher services, originating in Croatia, continues on the Gold Coast.

Visit our Gold Coast markets or retail delicatessen shop and browse our fresh selection. Every day, our butchers are on-site, crafting new deli products that meet our customers’ discerning tastes.

A highlight of our culinary offerings are our sausages. Select from thirteen original preservative and gluten and preservative free sausage recipes, inspired by European traditions.

Each gourmet gluten and preservative free sausage recipe creates a unique taste experience. We have recipes to suit all intolerances everything from Paleo diet to Celiac.

  • Pork Shaved Apple and Apple Cider
  • German Bratwurst
  • Curry Chicken
  • Rio Firecracker
  • Mexican Chicken Salsa
  • Beef with Roasted Onion and Burgundy Wine
  • Lamb with Mint and Feta
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Filipino Longanisa
  • Italian
  • Chicken Shitake Mushroon and baby spinach

Taste true quality! These sausages are made from high-quality meat cuts, which could be served in their original form. Our pork range are crafted from pork shoulder, and our chicken range uses enticing chicken merrylands, chicken breast fillets and chicken tenderloins.

Our artisan butchers review each cut of meat, ensuring quality in each piece. If it doesn’t meet our discerning standards, it won’t be used. This way, you can know that every item sold is of the same, unrelenting quality.

Added to each gluten and preservative free sausage is a range of herbs and spices, carefully selected to bring out the flavour. We spend many hours creating these spice combinations, satisfied only with perfection. We do not use premixes at Grobnik European Delicatessen.  Our herbs and spices are mixed individually by hand taking 4 hours to perfect by our Master Butchers.

Then, these products are hand-rolled in the traditional style. Each item is the result of this careful, thorough process. So, you can enjoy a consistently exceptional taste experience.

With our careful pride in our products, we’ve developed a strong reputation around the Gold Coast. Whether you’re looking for a meal experience for yourself or for your customers, visit us to experience true European delicacies. We deliver for orders over $100; contact us to learn more.

Experience gourmet, hand-crafted products. There’s no substitute for Grobnik European Delicatessen meats.

Our other Gourmet Butcher Products include:

Gluten and preservative free fresh sausages with up to 13 different flavours to choose from:

  • Beef Jerky/Biltong
  • Plain Kransky
  • Cheese Kransky
  • Arabiki
  • Debrecener
  • Hot Spanish Chorizo
  • Summer Salami
  • Brawn
  • Kabana
  • Speck
  • Italian Porchetta
  • Pancetta
  • Black Pudding
  • Pork Coppa

Just to name a few!

Wholesale Meats

To learn more about wholesale meat products, just get in touch. Our passionate team will listen to your business’s needs and carefully match our products to your offering. Contact us for more details.

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